3 Practices to Maintain Rainwater Quality and Tank Efficiency

Let’s talk about water consumption. Australia is one of the world’s driest populated places, yet we have the one of the highest water consumption per person rates in the world. Water is scarce in the country and how we conserve this essential resource is a great concern for all of us.

It makes perfect sense that Australians have a long-standing friendship with rainwater harvesting. Rainwater offers a renewable supply of water that can be utilised for a wide range of uses, including drinking, bathing, washing, laundry and gardening. In some Australian households, rainwater is the primary source of water, while in others, it can add to existing mains or town water supplies.

From helping you save money on water bills to helping the environment, there’s much to love about the humble rainwater tank. However, installing a rainwater tank in your home isn’t a set-and-forget situation.  Maintenance is crucial to keep the tank working efficiently and the water in good quality.

Here’s what you need to remember:

Clean out the Gutters

Leaves and faecal matter can easily get into your gutter. Cleaning it out every three months is an easy way to improve the water quality and maintain the efficiency of the tank. You may also want to consider installing gutter meshing.

Check the Water Regularly

Check the water quality every six months. Rainwater is mostly used for the washing machine or the toilet, but for households that use the water for drinking, showering and cooking, water cleanliness is a primary concern. Make sure the water is clear, odourless and free of sediment.

Maintain Pump and Outlets

The condition of the pumps and outlets affects not only water quality but also how the household will access and use rainwater. Proper maintenance of these tools may also prevent long-term damage. Don’t let leaky pipes and non-functioning systems reduce the efficiency of your tank.

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