Locally Manufactured Rainwater Tanks

Locally Manufactured Rainwater Tanks

Water is our most valuable and important resource for drinking and maintaining hygiene. However, it can be difficult to come by in times of drought. You can secure your personal and sustainable water supply by installing a high-quality water tank from Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing.

Water tanks are an extremely versatile piece of equipment for homeowners in WA, and it can be matched with filtering accessories for the cleanest drinking water possible.

Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing is your local wholesaler and retailer of rain and dam water tanks.

Customisable Water Tanks and Accessories

We manufacture a large range of quality water tanks in various shapes and sizes. We offer slimline water tanks, round water tanks and oblong water tanks – we can even build custom water tanks to suit your needs. Our round and oblong water tanks are available with a capacity ranging from 500 to 22,000 litres. Our tanks are made to order so the location of taps and overflows can be customised to suit individual requirements.

Each style of water tank has its individual qualities, and we invite our local customers to inquire about our reliable and affordable, custom-made products.

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The Benefits of Water Tanks

Some of the benefits include:

• made using Australian materials
• manufactured using strong BlueScope Steel
• you’re trusting a family-owned and operated business
• products are made to order and customisable
• reducing your water costs and conserving water
• promoting environmental sustainability
• allowing access to water during restrictions
• when building in a bushfire-prone area, it is mandatory to have onsite water

When choosing your water tank, consider:

• the amount of rainfall in your area
• the roof collection area & wall space available
• your desired location for the water tank
• adequate drainage for excess water & overflow outlet
• your intended uses
• the number of people living in your house
• council approval requirements (if any)

Water Tank Manufacturing Details

All Rainfill products are manufactured on site from Australian materials. Variety is our speciality; we have a huge range of sizes, styles and colours available for you to choose from.

Sizing and Prices

Slimline water tank sizes: 500L
Purchase factory direct from $569.00

Round water tank sizes: 570L to 22,730L
Purchase factory direct from $487.00

Oblong water tank sizes: 500L to 54,000L
Purchase factory direct from $569.00

Water Tank Installation and Maintenance

Our team offer specialist installation services to ensure your water tank is perfectly installed in your ideal location. We also provide maintenance programs that include inspections, cleaning, repairs, and more. To extend the life of your water tank, it is important to keep your gutters clean, check the filters regularly and remove any overhanging branches from the site.

With the increasing water restrictions here in Perth, there is no better time than the present to invest in a Rainfill water tank.

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