You’ve Collected Rainwater – Now What Should You Do With It?

Water is a scarce resource in many parts of the world. As one of the driest countries, Australia has a number of water conservation and collection initiatives. Rainwater harvesting is becoming increasingly widespread in the country, and for a good reason: it’s a natural way to save water and utilise it.

Water tanks are common in homes and work areas, ready to collect their fill when the rain falls. But, once the collection’s over, what do you do with the rainwater?

Water Your Plants

You have a barrel full of it, and your plants can use more than a little bit of watering. They thrive with rainwater. It’s 100% soft water, is naturally acidic, and, when stored, gathers organic materials that promote plant growth.

Under the intense heat, some plants tend to wither more easily. While your outdoor blooms can tolerate the high temperature, it won’t hurt to reserve a barrel for weekly sprinkling.

Flush the Toilet

Rainwater is perfect for many jobs around the house – cleaning your car, washing your clothes, mopping the floors as well as flushing your toilets. Some toilets have built-in rainwater collection systems for this purpose. If you’re doing it manually, pouring a small bucket full into the reservoir is enough for one flush.

Filter and Use

Make the most of your collection. Investing in effective water filtration systems and treatments lets you use rainwater however you like. You can even make it potable. Do the laundry with it. Bathe with it. Drink it. Enjoy what you gather.

You can start harvesting rainwater by getting a water tank for your home. We offer quality products that match your needs and preferences. Durable and reasonably priced, they can last for many years, making them a great investment for a sustainable home. You can get your water harvesting resources by getting in touch, so make that call today.

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