When the Weather Can Pay for your Bills

As its name so obviously implies, rainwater harvesting systems (RHS) collect rainwater for future use. It might not seem like much of a big deal at first, but did you know that the weather can actually help you pay off your bills?

Unlike the regular water butts, these harvesting systems capture litres of rainwater with a tank, which easily filters and stores clean water. While these systems are popular for watering gardens, the newest RHS technologies also involve existing pipe works, which means you can use the rainwater to wash clothes and flush toilets.

With the help of rainwater tanks, you can reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent.

Greywater Recycling vs. Rainwater Harvesting

When it comes to saving more water, there are plenty of systems to choose from. For example, greywater recycling systems guarantee 50% more savings compared to the RHS. Rainwater supplies aren’t too certain. Reliance on main water systems is a must, especially during the dry seasons.

But rainwater tanks need very little maintenance. Also, harvested rainwater guarantees only less contaminants and bacteria compared to greywater. RHS are cheaper and greener options for homeowners who want to save a little money.

Goodbye to Expensive Bills

Rainwater tanks come in different shapes and sizes, and are made of various materials. As essential installations in regional parts of Australia, these tanks provide water for washing clothes, flushing toilets and even filling the pool.

Since rainwater falls freely, installation of rain harvesting systems encourages less use of main water systems, which results in reduced water bills. You need not worry about the government and water boards increasing water prices to recover true costs.

Apart from reducing expenses, rainwater harvesting also lessens damages to water habitats, creeks, and organisms during stormwater runoffs.

It’s Healthy, Trust Us

Some homeowners have hesitations about drinking rainwater, but there’s real value in drinking fresh. One of the best things about it is that there isno need to worry about chemicals added to your drinking water. It’s also pleasant tasting and contains no hard or salty heavy metals.

Let the weather take care of your bills for you. Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies offers a range of rainwater tanks to get the job done. Browse through our products today and start saving!

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