Water Tanks in WA: Why They Are Essential for Every Perth Household

Did you know that Perth has held 80% less water in its dams since the mid-1970s? This is one of the many staggering facts uncovered by the Climate Council in a recent report on climate change. The future of the city and other areas around it look pretty bleak as the council predicts that the water supply will be 85 billion litres (or the contents of about 34,000 Olympic-size swimming pools) short of the general demand.

As for the rest of Western Australia, global warming is expected to affect the urban water supply and agricultural sector. The council anticipates that the region will most likely experience drought in the coming years. On top of that, worse drought conditions are foreseen over the next eight decades as the autumn and winter rainfall in the region lessens by 50% of its present volume.

Crafty Ways to Conserve Water

The above findings underscore the need for every household in the area to be more resourceful, responsible, and practical when it comes to daily water use and consumption. Among other things, households should repair leaky plumbing fixtures and switch to water-efficient ones. Perth residents could also reuse dishwater for washing their cars or grey water from their washing machines for flushing their toilets.

Aside from these practices, households should explore having specially designed water tanks in WA homes, for instance, which can be connected to the gutter system of the roof or the garage or even to a shed to harvest, filter, and store litres of rainwater.

Every person can use up to 200 litres of water daily; only about 5-10 litres are allotted for basic needs like drinking and cooking. The reusable water from these tanks can certainly be a significant addition or alternative for a variety of uses at home, such as in cleaning or gardening chores. Treatment technologies can also be a feature of these innovative tanks, so the collected water would be sanitary and safe for bathing and even drinking or food preparation.

Even as water restrictions on urban water supply are put in place during a drought, you can collect, store, and use rainwater from durable water tanks. For one, high-quality Perth water tanks made of corrugated iron, such as the products offered by Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, can last for many years.

(Source: Rain report tips big WA water drop, The West Australian, March 30, 2015)

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