Water Tanks and Other Features for an Earth-Friendly Home Makeover

Considering the rising costs of utilities and the burden placed on the environment by the growing population, products and projects that are eco-friendly understandably hold much practical appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Savvy Perth homeowners who want to make their abodes more “green” can benefit from water tanks, native gardens and other Earth-friendly makeover ideas.

A Bit of “Outback Chic” Through Rainwater Collection

Australians who wish to have an alternative and sustainable clean water source can install water tanks that allow them to take advantage of the rainy seasons and the occasional rainy days throughout the year. A rainwater tank of ample capacity can help each household reduce its reliance on mains water, save on water bills, and practice sustainability every day.

These tanks can be installed in the backyard, with their modern designs and stylish colours seamlessly blending with the outdoor space. Your rainwater tank can be placed on a platform, camouflaged as part of the landscape, or integrated with modern home architecture for a unified look.

A Splash of Colour with Native Gardens

A thriving garden filled with native plants could serve as a habitat for local birds and bugs. Many native plants are also resistant to drought, which means they don’t require much maintenance. Additionally, you can plant vegetables, fruits and herbs for a more productive garden that supplies your basic needs. Even better, you can recycle biodegradable waste as organic fertilisers for your lawn and the rest of your yard, while any rainwater you’ve collected can water your garden.

Such a garden design allows you to have a lush and vibrant backyard. Hardscape (e.g. decorative stones) and water features like fountains or natural-looking pools can be added to turn your garden into a veritable green haven.

More Modern Household through New Fixtures

If your home has had the same old and inefficient fixtures right from the start, you might want to replace them with more contemporary and energy-efficient products. Modern sinks and taps, showerheads, tubs and toilets help you save water and boost your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. Again, your rainwater supply can be connected to your plumbing for greater water savings.

Top manufacturers of quality corrugated products that serve the Perth, WA area, such as Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, offer a fine selection of corrugated rainwater tanks, garden beds and other accessories that help make an earth-friendly home makeover possible. You can count on their experienced technicians for excellent landscaping tips (such as where to install tanks and how to customise garden planters to suit your space) for a more gorgeous backyard.


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