From Water Tank to Swimming Pools: How Far Rainwater Harvesting Can Go

Rainwater is a valuable resource, especially in the dry Western Australian region. Water is scarce, so when rain falls, residents, should take advantage and get the most out of it through rainwater harvesting. Many Australian households incorporate rainwater collection systems on their roofs, they install gutters, and they also purchase water tanks, especially for harvesting.

Harvested rainwater is ideal for various applications. From watering the garden to cleaning the home, even bathing and topping up swimming pools, rainwater has plenty of uses indeed. As a homeowner, how will you utilise this resource so you can use it in your swimming pool?

What the Government Says About It

The Government of NSW expressed support in the use of harvested rainwater to top up spas, water features and swimming pools, provided that safety measures designed to protect public health are followed. In a document updated in April 2013, the Government wrote on its health bulletin that rainwater must be introduced to the pool through a balance tank. Water must also be introduced at night, to give sufficient time for treatment, before bathers begin to use the pool.

What to Consider When Harvesting Rainwater for Use in the Pool

Homeowners or facility owners who are looking to collect rainwater for their pools must consider the tools they’re using. Corrugated metal roofs and gutters can channel water, and are therefore a great means of collection.

Durable, rust resistant tanks are ideal for containment, as they provide protection from possible contamination and have little chance of becoming potential contaminants. Metals that have a high resistant to rust, protected by an exterior coating and interior lining, can effectively preserve the quality of water, minimising the risks of contamination. Filters are also an important component of the collection system, getting rid of solid particles such as plant debris and branches before the water is used.

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