Tips for Washing Your Car At Home

The rainclouds have parted, and your rainwater tanks are filled. The car is ripe for washing, and you want to do it at home to save a few dollars. Also, it can be a great way to unwind on a Saturday afternoon.

Here at Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, we give Australians a huge variety of options for rainwater tanks and collection systems. This allows households to have a steady supply of water they can use for both outside and inside the home, including car washing.

For those who decide to use the water from their tanks to wash the car, here are some great tips to help you to be more successful in your endeavour:

Use the Right Products

Take care to choose the correct kind of detergent for washing your car. You should always choose one that is designed for vehicles so that it does not damage the paint surface or remove the protective layer of wax. Always read the instructions on the products to ensure you use the soap correctly.

Use the Right Cloths

Always use soft cloths for cleaning the car. It is important that the pile of the cloth (the raised surface, or nap) is long and soft. This lets the fabric reach dirt even in the deeper nooks and crannies of the vehicle. Fabric with a long pile is also more effective at removing the dirt, which speeds up the washing process.

Move in the Right Direction

When washing your car, always move around the car in the correct way. By this we mean top to bottom, then front to back. Always start cleaning the roof of the vehicle before moving to the glass. The front part should be washed first. Save washing the rear and the bottom of the car for last as these are the dirtiest parts.

With rainwater tanks installed at home, you will be able to wash your car whenever you like and be exempted from government restrictions. Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies offers complete kits for those who want to begin water collecting. If you’re interested, feel free to look around for available options.

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