The Output, Maintenance, and Positioning of Rainwater Tanks

Your main goal with a rainwater collection tank is to gather and store clean rainwater ready for distribution. There is a vast array of designs for rainwater tanks, which means that it is easy to find one which will suit both your property and capacity needs.

Australia is one of the driest continents on earth, which makes domestic rainwater collection even more important. The best time of the year for rainfall gathering is the winter and rainy periods such as these will give you a store of water for those hotter and drier months. The expected output of your tank will depend upon the size of the vessel and the amount of rainfall that you receive in your area; your professional tank installation company can give you an estimate of the yield that you can expect.

Maintaining the integrity of the rainwater inside a rainwater tank is essentially a hazard management issue. Animals, leaves, corrosion, and other types of damage to the tank can all cause issues with water cleanliness that can be easily prevented with regular maintenance and inspection. If you plan on using your collected water for drinking as well as gardening, then you will require extra filters and purifiers installed to ensure the water is safe for consumption.

If you are using your tank for gardening or grey water home use then you are likely to have a pump installed with the tank; ensuring that the pump is functioning correctly is vital to enjoying a constant supply of water. Periodically inspect the plumbing for leaks and make sure the motor is operating efficiently. Alongside this, making sure that your screens are cleaned regularly and that the tank isn’t positioned under direct sunlight will increase the longevity of your collection system and prevent unnecessary water wastage.

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