Stop Dogs from Digging with Exercise and Perth Raised Garden Beds

You come out of the house, only to see the garden riddled with more holes than a shelled battlefield. In the middle of it all, you find the lone perpetrator: your panting four-legged mate.

Dogs, particularly breeds like dachshunds, beagles, and bloodhounds, are said to dig soil mainly as a way to kill time. Some dogs dig in the dirt to stay cool under the sun (a behaviour commonly observed amongst thick-furred breeds like chow chows and huskies) or to chase underground prey (as observed among dachshunds and terriers).

According to, any bored dog may see fit to start digging. Dog trainer Cesar Millan recommends walking their dogs regularly as a way to drain their pent-up energy. A 20-minute walk would usually suffice for most dog breeds, though physically active dogs may need benefit from multiple walks per day.

Walking your dog doesn’t guarantee, however, that the digging will stop. After all, bad habits can be rather hard to break. As such, you need to take the appropriate measures to protect your garden from further burrowing.

Typical solutions range from planting dogbane (whose scent deters dogs) to installing a physical barrier such as a picket fence. If you do not have the backyard space for these additions, however, you might want to consider customised raised garden beds for Perth homes that deter pets with simple animal psychology.

To put it simply, most dogs would be discouraged from digging when they need to get around such an obstacle. The best garden beds are also built free of sharp edges and toxic chemicals, making them safe for dogs. Stop costly, unnecessary, and time-consuming repairs in your garden by depriving your dog of any means to dig out your beautiful herbs, shrubs, and perennials.

With a Perth raised garden bed made of corrugated iron, you will also find it easier to keep a lush and green garden. If you observe proper spacing, your plants grow close to each other and create a moisture-efficient microclimate that suppresses weed growth. Such a structure also prevents soil erosion and keeps pests such as snails and slugs at bay. If you have a bad back or prefer not to bend over whilst tending to your plants, than a waist-high garden bed makes a lot of sense indeed.

Interested in having oblong planters or raised garden beds installed? You can check out custom designed solutions from a company like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies.

(Source: “How can I get my dogs to stop digging?” Cesar’s Way)

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