Slimline Rainwater Tanks in Perth: 4 Useful Tips to Maximise Their Use

Rainwater is a free and renewable resource that you can tap to live a sustainable and less wasteful life. Indeed, for more than 3,000 years, various civilizations have been harvesting rainwater as a secondary water source. When you collect this valuable resource and store it in tanks, you can reduce your utility costs and dependence on mains water to a significant degree. That’s because rainwater tanks have the potential to supply all your water needs, even drinking.

Slimline Rainwater

To maximise the benefits of rainwater tanks, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Tank size

The size of any rainwater tank you choose will depend heavily on where you intend to place it and what the water you collect will be used for. To identify the proper tank size for your needs, consult a qualified contractor.


Rainwater can be safely used for a variety of purposes including flushing toilets, watering gardens, and washing clothes. If you wish to use rainwater for drinking, you need an effective filtration system that includes an inlet filter, a first flush filter, an in-line filter and an ultraviolet (UV) treatment system. You can purchase these products from trusted manufacturers of rainwater tanks in WA like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies.

Tank placement

Your tank will need to be placed on a stable and flat surface such as a reinforced concrete pad, a tank stand, malthoid, or earth ring. Any protrusions underneath can puncture the tank’s base, whilst any unevenness could lead to rutting, wrinkling, and tearing. Make sure that the spot you place your tank has none of these.


To enhance the effectiveness of your filters and purification systems, be sure to keep your gutters clean. You’ll also want to protect your tank from excessive sunlight exposure to inhibit algal growth. Lastly, inspect the entire rainwater collection system at least once a month for signs of wear and tear, and have a professional clean the tank regularly.

A well-maintained rainwater tank can serve you for many years. See that your tank remains in good condition over the course of its useful service life. Of course, it pays to use a tank manufactured and installed by the best suppliers of slimline rainwater tanks in Perth, such as Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies.


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