Raised Garden Beds in Perth: Why It’s Better to Take the Custom Route

Raised garden beds in Perth are all the rage right now. With the weather finally warm, more people are thinking of ways to enhance their garden look, and for most, raised garden beds are just what they need. These are not just designed to make your garden look pretty, simply elevating plant roots above ground creates an ideal growing environment.

Raised garden beds ... are putting the fun back into growing vegetables

The advantage of raised beds

Raised beds improve aeration, drainage, and compaction of the soil. They also allow for better weed control and watering efforts. For those with poor topsoil that’s unfriendly to plants, or who have gardens where space is achingly limited, raised beds provide an easy solution. Just think, you’ll finally be able to grow fresh vegetables and herbs in your small, drab, or barren backyard!

Raised bed dilemma

Despite their many advantages, buying complete raised bed kits from the store can prove pricey, not to mention they may fail to deliver on what you’re looking for. The kits sold at retail stores are typically made of plastic, which can be ironic to use for something that’s meant to enhance the environment. The solution: build your own raised beds using long-lasting, environmentally friendly materials.

So which material should you use?

Popular materials for custom raised beds include wood and corrugated iron products. If you’re looking for longevity, the latter will prove to be the better option. Beds made of corrugated iron are resistant to rot and can withstand the elements—two very important features when you need to put your vegetables in full sun.

Soil for raised beds

Soil for raised beds must allow water and air to flow freely, so apart from garden soil, your bed must have an underlying layer of gritty sand. The best corrugated products will be able to hold all the bed’s components—plants, garden soil, water, and sand—firmly with no worries.

Where to find the best corrugated iron products

Well-known manufacturers of iron roofing products, garden planters, and accessories such as Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies can provide you with the corrugated iron materials you need to build your custom raised Perth garden beds. Apart from supplying high quality, long lasting materials, such trusted manufacturers back their products to give you many years of great vegetable crops.

(Source: Raised garden beds … are putting the fun back into growing vegetables, The Advertiser)

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