Why Raised Garden Beds are Better for Flowers and Vegetables

Raised planters and garden beds provide the ideal conditions for growing plants, particularly for more delicate plants such as, flowers and vegetables.

Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies offers a wide range of raised vegetable garden bed kits suitable for most homes. We recommend custom, made-to-measure planters for vegetables and flowers.  Choosing the right planter box, especially the depth and material of the planter box, will affect how your plant will thrive and grow.

While many Australian gardeners can successfully grow vegetables and flowers directly in the ground, using raised planters help the plants to flourish. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It protects your plants from pests

Soil parasites such as nematodes and rodents can easily invade your vegetable patch and flowers from the ground. This is a particular problem when growing vegetables, with their edible flesh being attractive to pests. A raised planter creates a barrier at ground level to protect your plants from these unwanted pests. To further protect the plants and prevent rodents digging into the planter, you can reinforce the bottom of the planter box with wire mesh.

  1. It is easier to control soil nutrient levels

Most vegetables prefer less acidic soil. The soil in Western Australia tends to be have a higher concentration of sand, which makes it more difficult to grow vegetables and flowers. These plants have require a controlled level of nutrients and pH, which is achievable when using compost or fertiliser in planter boxes.

  1. Less risk of soil compaction

Soil compaction can affect aeration and drainage, which are crucial to maintaining the health of your plants. A raised garden bed prevents animals from trampling your soil and helps you as the gardener from stepping on the bed while doing the gardening.

  1. It encourages better root growth

Raised garden beds retain higher levels of moisture, whilst providing enough drainage to avoid flooding the roots. The soil is also looser, which allows your roots to spread more evenly and reach the lower layers of the soil.

So if you are planning to grow flowers and vegetables in your garden, consider using a raised planter. Contact us today to find the right planter box for you.

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