Rainwater Tanks in Perth: Common Uses Today, Possibilities Tomorrow

A lot of home builders, renovation companies, and other contractors recommend the addition of rainwater tanks in Perth homes as a sustainability best practice. These tanks are used in conjunction with other rainwater collecting equipment, including the roof, gutters, downpipes, pumps, filtration machines and distribution systems. With sturdy rainwater tanks in place, households can harvest rainwater and use it for a variety of domestic purposes.

Perth rainwater tank

Domestic Use

One rainwater tank or a set of tanks can easily be set up in the backyard or some other section of the property. The harvested water can be filtered and left non-chlorinated for use in watering the lawns or gardens, washing cars, flushing the toilet, and doing the laundry. A more thorough disinfecting treatment can be used to make the water fit for drinking. Such a system can collect and save you as much as 100,000 litres of water annually.

Stormwater Management

Rainwater tanks can help cities reduce stormwater runoff and lighten the burden on stormwater systems, though this is more of an added advantage rather than a specific purpose. In other words, residential water collection systems reduce the chance of flood and groundwater contamination to some extent.

Future Uses

Today’s users derive a lot of benefits from rainwater harvesting, though the future also holds distinct possibilities. One such potential for rainwater harvesting is the ability to power homes. Hungarian architect Matyas Gutai devised a revolutionary concept called “liquid engineering” that utilises water – an excellent retainer and distributor of heat under controlled conditions – to heat a home in conjunction with solar or geothermal heating and cooling systems.

This idea should prove useful in Australia, where household energy expenditures and greenhouse gas emissions largely have to do with heating and cooling. Since the heat storage function won’t really need potable water, what can be harvested in rainwater tanks (even without filtration) can prove useful for such a system.

A trusted Perth rainwater tank manufacturer like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies understands the immense potential of sustainable rainwater harvesting. If you are looking to harvest rainwater and are in the market for a classic round tank or custom designed slimline tank that can be placed underground or down the side of your home, count on such a manufacturer to provide what you need.


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