Rainwater Tanks for Mains Water Consumption Reduction

Having a rainwater collection system comes with many benefits; aside from saving money, you will be helping the environment, reducing the demand on groundwater, and decreasing the risk of flooding, not to mention that rainwater systems are fairly easy to maintain. The benefits of having a water collection system fitted far outweigh any disadvantages.

Rainwater tanks are usually located underneath the guttering of your home. This is the optimal position for gathering water as the roof surface channels water into the gutters and down into the tank.

There are some important factors to consider before deciding on the water tank that you will have installed. First, you need to discuss planning regulations with your local authority; they will also be able to inform you of the average rainfall in your area. Knowing how much rain to expect will allow you to decide on the best collection vessel for your needs. It is also important to decide what the water will be used for as this will determine whether you need extra filters or pumps.

During the heat of the summer, it is often prohibited to waste water by washing cars and other non-urgent domestic tasks. A water tank will mean that you won’t be using the rationed piped-in water supply and can enjoy continuing with these tasks by using your collection of water.

The amount that you can expect to save when using a rainwater tank depends on three things: (1) The size and design of the tank you choose;(2) The use you decide for the water, and (3) How much water costs in your local area. Either way you can be assured that a rainwater collection system is a great investment to see your water bills significantly reduced for years to come and better for the environment.

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