Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies: Our Mission and Vision

A company’s goals and principles can give you a better idea of what drives the people behind the business. At Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, two things fuel our passion for product and service excellence.

Our mission: to ensure all Australians learn the benefits and advantages of water harvesting and to build a national awareness on the issue of water conservation.

Our vision: to be the largest and highest quality tank manufacturer in Australia by utilising our unique and superior manufacturing techniques and providing exceptional quality products built for Australian conditions.

Every corrugated iron rainwater tank, curved roofing supply, and product we offer is manufactured in keeping with the highest quality standards and in accordance with our mission and vision.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Our Rainwater Tanks

Once harvested and treated, rainwater can be used for most household tasks such as cleaning, gardening, showering, and even food preparation and drinking if the appropriate filters are in place. With a rainwater tank at home, you’ll have a readily available water supply that helps you reduce your reliance on mains water and consequently drives down your utilities bill.

Water conservation, then, is the fundamental benefit of rainwater harvesting, and this is what our tanks enable you to achieve. If every household in Western Australia were to harvest rainwater for daily use, imagine how much water we could all save. The savings translate not only into monetary gains but also the rate at which this natural resource may be replenished and channelled into urgent and meaningful uses.

How We Value Our Customers

Our expertise in corrugated iron technology does not stop at water tanks. We also manufacture curved roofing supplies, garden beds, and tank accessories. We stand by the workmanship and quality of our products, and we provide warranties where applicable.

We also pride ourselves on our excellent back-up service. We make sure that our products are professionally installed and maintained, be it in your home, your business, or your clients’ properties. You can count on our specialists and technicians to assist you with product concerns as well as repairs and upkeep. Call (08) 9371 1266 or email sales@rainfilltanks.com.au today to find out more about Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies.

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