Quality Perth Water Filters Help Keep You Healthy, Hydrated, and Happy

Recipe books that extol the virtues of smoothies and fresh fruit juices dot the shelves of health and wellness sections at pretty much every bookshop. An article on news.com.au points out that a growing number of Australian households have taken to making smoothies every day as a way to live longer, healthier lives. One need only invest in a proper blender and source the freshest produce to whip up a filling and nutritious smoothie loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Concocting a homemade smoothie with fresh fruits, milk or coconut water, healthy fats, and a natural sweetener like honey is a welcome change from all the mass-produced, sugary beverages that flood the market. Although some prefer milk-based smoothies, the base can be just about anything, from water to separately-juiced fruit juice. If you want the natural flavours in your smoothie to remain unadulterated, however, then filtered water is the obvious choice.

A water-based smoothie is also the ideal breakfast beverage or all-day pick-me-up if you are lactose intolerant. Water may not have the rich texture of other non-dairy substitutes, but nothing rehydrates the body quite like it. Whether or not you plan to make smoothies a part of your daily diet, though, you’ll certainly need all the fluids you can get, especially in a hot and sunny place like Perth.

Water is currently in short supply, however. Perth’s dams and natural reservoirs have all but dried up due to the effects of climate change. As reported on the Water Corporation of Western Australia website, this phenomenon has led the region to embrace alternative sources of water, such as desalination plants and underground aquifers. Fortunately, Perth residents can still take advantage of the occasional rainfall by way of monsoons and tropical cyclones.

Instead of waiting for rainfall to replenish reservoirs, households can proactively store rainwater in corrugated iron rainwater tanks, such as what Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies have to offer. Perth water filters installed for use on these tanks subsequently remove impurities from the rainwater to produce clean drinking water.

Mechanical filters such as in-line and first-flush systems only get rid of half of all water-borne health risks, however when paired with ultraviolet (UV) treatment systems from a company like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies will provide potable drinking water. Such a Perth water filter system eliminates water-borne diseases without leaving a distinct aftertaste by causing fatal mutations in bacterial cells.

With a durable rainwater tank and filtration system in place, you can have your own backup water supply for your everyday needs. You’ll also have access to clean water that is fit for consumption, thereby making a hydrated and healthy lifestyle possible.

(Source: “Smoothies and juices becoming an essential part of modern diets,” News.com.au, March 21, 2015)

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