Steel Water Tanks

As you may know, every single one of our products are made from the highest quality BlueScope Steel materials with COLORBOND® design options. We’ve made our Aquaplate water tanks this way because we’ve found this material to be the easiest to work with, the most durable, and the most appealing to look at. If you’re still unsure of whether steel is the way to go, read the following information and get in touch!

What Is Corrugated Steel?

You’ve probably seen the “wavy” pattern of corrugated steel sheets in many applications around Perth. These panels can be prefabricated and then quickly used in a number of styles, making this kind of steel extremely versatile and easy to manufacture.

The reason the corrugation process is used so widely across Australia is because it improves the steel. Steel is already stronger than wood, but the corrugation process gives it even more tensile strength due to the grooves on the surface. Corrugated sheet from BlueScope Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the entire construction industry!

When you choose one of our steel rainwater tanks, you’ll enjoy:

  • Greater durability
  • Dent, warp and buckle resistance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Affordability
  • Sustainability (they’re completely recyclable)
  • Versatility in style

Water Tanks Perth Installations

The Benefits of COLORBOND®

Our Aquaplate water tanks are made even stronger and more durable by using the COLORBOND® steel range of colours. Your custom-made water tank has complete design flexibility in a huge range of colour and profile choices. They’re easy to construct, thermally efficient, and extremely strong.

Enjoy Comprehensive Installation Services

Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies custom designs and builds the steel water tanks Perth needs. Not only that, we also carry out extremely high-quality installations so each one of our customers has an efficient, thoroughly tested product. Call (08) 9302 1159 or send us a message online for a quote.