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Local manufactures of  corrugated rainwater tanks

Rainfill Tanks is a specialist supplier of corrugated iron rainwater tanks. We manufacture water tanks for collecting and storing rainwater to give our customers more control on their water consumption. Our systems allow residents to reuse water that would have otherwise gone to the ground. This gives them the ability to control their expenses on water bills, and maximising their income.

Our Tanks come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be custom designed to suit the smallest property or the biggest industrial site. The ability to adapt our products to the needs of our customers’ properties is something not many other suppliers can offer – in any industry. Only a team of experts can accomplish such a skill-reliant service with consistently high quality results. This is because such a team would need years of experience to identify the limits a property will impose, and design solutions to work around those problems.

The Rainfill Tanks team is one such collection of professionals, and people will have difficulty finding another group of people that can confidently offer the same quality that we do. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Rainfill Tanks has become the corrugated iron specialist in the Western Australia region and delivers water tanks to anywhere in Western Australia. Chances are good that you have already come across at least one example of our work, and you can enjoy the same benefits when you decide to work with us for your exterior projects.

The benefits of using Rainfill Tank’s products

  • We use only high quality Blue Scope steel materials
  • All products manufactured are robust and long lasting
  • Warranties are available
  • Industry specialists with more than 34 years’ experience  in the industry
  • Experienced, professional and helpful staff