Water Filters, Water Pumps, and Other Filters

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Water Pumps

Water pumps allow you to maximise the use of rain collected in your tank. You can choose between automatic, electric or manual and between simple or more complex systems, depending on your requirements.

Rainfill’s water tank pumps are suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Gardening
  • Car washing
  • Laundry use
  • Toilet connection
  • Full house supply

Types of Water Pumps

Automatic systems for your rain tank are the most versatile. They switch on when you turn the tap, making it easy to use collected water, both for outside gardening and for use around the home. If you wish to use collected rainwater around the home – you will need an automatic system.

Manual pumps need to be switched on before use. Usually electric-powered, these are ideal for smaller applications, such as hose use in gardens.

The Davey Rainbank

The Davey Rainbank is a smart, innovative system that allows you to replace up to 40% of your mains supply with rain water pumped from your tank.
If there are insufficient supplies in your tank, the system will automatically switch to mains supply, cleverly determining storage levels and directing supplies to where they are needed.

This system can seamlessly mix tank and mains supplies, and must be installed by a licenced plumber.

Highest Quality Range

Rainfill uses only Davey products, the Australian market leader and an exporter to more than 50 countries. Davey systems are ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed and have been certified to ISO 14001

Water Filters

Before reaching your tank, the rain you harvest accumulates a considerable amount of pollutants from your roof and gutters. This can affect the quality and usability of tank supplies. Different levels of purification affect how you can use the collected water.  This is the reason why our team has taken several steps to ensure that we protect the health and interests of our customers. We provide several specialized options for greater diversity and a more personalised feel to the services we provide.

Rainfill can help you select an appropriate water filter depending on your usage and collection requirements.

If you plan on using your tank water for gardening and car washing only, then your filters need not be as thorough as one used for drinking water. We’ll ensure that the filter we install are the ones you actually need, and not something you overpay for. In fact, we’ve even collected the different types of filters that you can get from us, and decide what you need as you read this from the comfort of your home.

Inlet/First Flush Filters

Larger items like leaves and insects can be filtered through a basket like device and collected in an inlet system.

First flush devices work on the principle that most pollutants are washed away with the first few litres of rain that fall. As such, the first 5-10 litres are “flushed” or diverted away from the tank, with only the cleaner water collected for usage.

In-Line Filters

If you wish to connect your tank to your bathroom or laundry, you may choose to install an in-line filter to purify water as it leaves the tank. This type cleans by removing smaller particles than the inlet baskets. These are ideally used in conjunction with inlet/first flush devices.

UV Treatment Systems

These are used in conjunction with the inlet, first flush and in-line devices. UV light sterilises water, eliminating bacteria to provide potable supplies in line with health department regulations.

UV water filters are popular not just in homes but also by local councils, food, dairy and brewing industries. This water filtration treatment system has the advantage that no chemicals are required and the taste of water is unaffected.

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