Balcony Planters in Perth

Are you looking to turn your balcony into an oasis of life and colour? Balcony planters make it easy to build your own impressive garden in small spaces, removing the need for large yards and specific soil conditions. You can fill your balcony with vibrant colours, delicious vegetables and beautiful fragrances by purchasing stylish, custom-made planters from Rainfill Tanks.

The Benefits of Balcony Planters

Besides making your balcony look fantastic, there are a number of benefits to container gardening, including:

  • Versatility – you can grow plants in any location, choosing parts of your balcony that receive the most sunlight
  • Plant variety – some flowers and vegetables require specific soil conditions that you will have complete control over; you can even grow plants next to each other that require different conditions
  • Accessibility – balcony planters will raise the plants to your level, meaning people with limited mobility can garden without strain
  • Fewer weeds – it’s unlikely that weeds will find their way into isolated planter boxes
  • Flexibility – you can rearrange the planters at your will and choose the exact seeds you want in each season
Oblong Raised Garden Planter - 800 High Zincalume
Oblong Raised Garden Planter – 800 High Zincalume

Decorate your garden with vibrant life without the hassle of labour. You won’t need to spend your time weeding, walking and watering to maintain a stunning array of plants. There are multiple benefits of surrounding yourself with nature; plants clean the air, deter illnesses, and improve your mood.

Balcony Planters from Rainfill Tanks

At Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies, we design, manufacture and install balcony planters in Perth that make it simple to fill your home with life. Our corrugated iron products are durable, stylish and easy to install. You can choose one of our existing garden bed designs or create a totally custom balcony planter that perfectly suits your space. If you’d like to create a beautiful garden on your balcony, get in touch. Call (08) 9302 1159 or send us a message online for a quote.