Curved Roofing in Perth, WA

Curved Roofing in Perth, WA

Provide additional storage and style for your home with our curved roofs

Rainfill Tanks has the latest machinery, equipment and talented staff to make and shape metal into almost any design.

The steel we use can be curved into bull-nosing for a traditional Australian veranda. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your existing one or restoring an iconic building, we can create a bullnose veranda to suit your specific needs.

Curved Roofing
Rainfill Tanks has been the Perth specialists in curved roofing or bullnose roofing for more than 30 years. Curved or bullnose roofing is ideal for existing houses, new homes and patio additions.  You can use them to provide additional storage or to create grandeur for the outside of a building.

With bullnose roofing there is no such thing as a standard bullnose curve, all jobs are different due to varying heights and widths of verandas. Rainfill customise the curved roofing to suit your needs and requirements for a long lasting statement roof. The minimum radius for a bullnose curve is 300mm but when it comes to a maximum, there is no limit.

Curved Roofing Benefits

  • Statement roofing
  • Customise your own roof
  • Long lasting and attractive
  • Bull Nose roofing
  • Curved roofing types

Statement Curved Roofing
There is a number of other uses for curved corrugated iron, Rainfill provides curved corrugated iron for pizza ovens, sheds, swimming pools, footings for buildings, seats, dunking tanks and other formwork.

We work with builders, architects and home improvers and will be involved in the entire process, from the architects design and planning phase to regular site visits to monitor progress.

For all your corrugated iron roofing requirements, in Perth contact Rainfill Tanks on  (08) 9302 1159

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