Water Tank Filters

Before reaching your tank, the rain you harvest accumulates a considerable amount of pollutants from your roof and gutters. This can affect the quality and usability of tank supplies. Different levels of purification affect how you can use the collected water. This is the reason why our team has taken several steps to ensure that we protect the health and interests of our customers.

We provide several specialised options for greater diversity and a more personalised feel to the services we provide. Rainfill can help you select appropriate water filters in Australia depending on your usage and collection requirements.

Choosing the Right Water Filters

If you plan on using your tank water for gardening and car washing only, then your water tank filters need not be as thorough as one used for drinking water. We’ll ensure that the filter we install is the one you actually need and not something you overpay for.

Inlet/First Flush Filters

Larger items like leaves and insects can be filtered through a basket-like device and collected in an inlet system. First flush devices work on the principle that most pollutants are washed away with the first few litres of rain that fall. As such, the first 5-10 litres are “flushed” or diverted away from the tank, with only the cleaner water collected for usage.

In-Line Filters

If you wish to connect your tank to your bathroom or laundry, you may choose to install an in-line filter to purify water as it leaves the tank. This type cleans by removing smaller particles than the inlet baskets. These are ideally used in conjunction with inlet/first flush devices.

UV Treatment Systems

UV treatment systems are used in conjunction with the inlet, first flush and in-line devices. UV light sterilises water, eliminating bacteria to provide potable supplies in line with health department regulations. UV water filters are popular not just in homes but also by local councils, food, dairy and brewing industries. This water filtration treatment system has the advantage that no chemicals are required and the taste of water is unaffected.

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