Slimline Tanks

Galvanised Oblong Rainwater Tank
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Slimline Tanks

Slimline Tanks


One of our most popular products is the Slimline water tank. The slimline is designed to fit under the eaves of a house, making this underground-style tank the most practical of all our water tanks.

They can be placed directly on to pavers or on a concrete pad. A stand is incorporated into the design, placing the tap about 370mm from the base to ensure filling containers is made easy.

We also custom design and manufacture slimline tanks so they can fit down the side of your house or in a space where a conventional round rainwater tank won’t fit. We can make s a slimline tank to fit in the tightest of spaces. This utilises wasted space and hides the water tank from general view.

Our designer water tanks look great, keep their shape and can fit almost anywhere. You can select the width, length and height of your tank to suit your requirements.

Our corrugated rainwater tanks come in a range of colours and all tanks come with an aqua plate ‘food grade’ polymer on the inside, which has a 20 year warrantee.

The choice is yours. Your rainwater tank will be made to suit your home; you can select the position of the fittings to make the plumbing as neat and practical as possible.

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