Perth Raised Garden Beds: 5 Essential Benefits to Gain from their Use

Raised garden beds, as their name suggests, are higher than ground level and filled with soil kept in place by a frame. You can grow any vegetable in a raised garden bed, not to mention flowers, herbs, berry bushes, and shrubs. Here are some of the advantages of raised bed gardening.


Reduced back strain

Raised garden beds reduce the amount of work your body does because you won’t have to bend too far to reach the plants. Thanks to easier access and a lower potential for pain, you’ll enjoy your gardening activities better as you plant, tend to your garden, and harvest the ‘fruits’ of your labour.

Better yield

Plants in raised garden beds are sustained by well-aerated, deep, and fertile soil. The crop quality is, therefore, of the highest kind. Plants benefit from improved aeration and drainage, and their roots can grow more readily. Weeds are easy to remove as well.

Better soil conditions

With a quality raised garden bed in Perth, your soil improvement efforts are contained in the beds rather than wasted on pathways. Consequently, since bed soil is neither compacted nor trod upon, you do not have to spend excessive time tilling. More importantly, plants, earthworms, and essential microorganisms can all thrive in a healthy soil environment.

Easier to keep clean

Cover the pathways with mulch or some other dry material, and you can garden without worrying about bringing in dirt and grime into your house. Need a handful of fresh thyme or rosemary for dinner? Just run out to your garden and get it—no need to wipe or wash your flip flops clean.

Invasive plants and animals are kept at bay

Lawn grasses whose root systems spread ravenously can easily infiltrate a traditional garden, but not raised garden beds. Even pests will find it difficult to reach your crops. The higher your garden beds are raised, the safer they are from these invaders.

Where to find quality raised garden beds?

Perth raised garden beds from a manufacturer like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies come in a wide array of shapes and dimensions. Such a manufacturer can even design and construct garden beds according to your requirements or permitted space available.


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