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Using Raised Garden Beds to Discourage Dogs from Digging!

Do you have a dog that will not stop digging up your flower beds no matter what you do? Dogs naturally enjoy digging and do so for a variety of reasons: Dogs may dig because they want to lie down in the cooler soil and nap, they may be hiding food for later or they could be pursuing a small animal like a rat or some sort? Some dogs dig simply because they are bored and need something to do.

Unfortunately, for someone who enjoys gardening, a bored dog is a destructive one. It can be painfully annoying to see all your hard work get destroyed in a matter of seconds. If you have a stubborn dog that just doesn’t give up even after disciplining it, consider using a raised garden bed instead.

It Keeps The Dogs Out

Raised garden beds only raise the height of your flower bed by a small amount, but it’s a very effective deterrent for digging dogs. Sometimes, adding a barrier is enough to deter your dog from digging up your flower beds. Dogs try to avoid unfavourable terrain while digging that’s why raising the soil by just a little bit makes your garden bed that much more unattractive to them.

It Can Be Combined with Other Deterrents

In case a raised garden bed is not enough to discourage your dog from digging, it is easy to combine it with other deterrents. For example, some homeowners add a small fence around their planters. You would be surprised how effective a small fence is in keeping out the dog, even if it would otherwise be very easy for them to climb over it. Many dogs do not want to risk injury by attempting to climb over a fence, even if it is a small one.

Alternatively, you can surround your raised planter with materials that your dog dislikes — using used water filled plastic bottles placed strategically around the planter is a very effective strategy, dogs don’t like going near these water bottles.

For more information about raised garden beds, contact us today. Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies has a range of raised garden beds for sale in Perth, available in different colours and designs.

Boiling Water For Purification?

Here at Rainfill Tanks, we advocate the wise use of rainwater for household purposes. Our steel water tanks are engineered to serve as safe water storage options. If you have collected rainwater, you may want to use it to augment your supply of drinking water. Much has been said about boiling water to purify it, but does this technique really work?

It is important to know if the rainwater is safe to drink. Simply put, most rainwater is safe to drink. Keep in mind that much of the world’s population relies on rainwater for their potable supplies.


Why Raised Garden Beds are Better for Flowers and Vegetables

Raised planters and garden beds provide the ideal conditions for growing plants, particularly for more delicate plants such as, flowers and vegetables.

Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies offers a wide range of raised vegetable garden bed kits suitable for most homes. We recommend custom, made-to-measure planters for vegetables and flowers.  Choosing the right planter box, especially the depth and material of the planter box, will affect how your plant will thrive and grow.


The Many Ways a Water Tank Makes Your Home the Best

There are other benefits to having a water tank than the obvious use of it supplying water to your home. As we know, water is a necessary resource and is essential to human existence. Since a water tank serves as a way to store water, with capacities ranging from as little as 500 to as much as 22,000 litres, it is an invaluable part of any home. How so? In extended periods of drought and scarcity, a water tank provides comfort, security and can even be vital to survival.


The Importance of Sterilising Your Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting is a cost-effective method to obtain additional water for your home. Storing harvested rainwater during the wet season can help save on your utility bills during the drier months and reduce our impact on natural resources.

You can use rainwater for practically any purpose; gardening, laundry, even for drinking. If you choose to drink rainwater, then we recommend treating your water supply first. Filtration and sterilisation is the best way to make rainwater safe to drink.


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