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The Home Farmer: Landscaping Your Organic Garden

As delicious and as convenient as they may be, people are starting to realise how bad processed food is for the body. That long list you see at the back of the packaging has all sorts of ingredients and chemicals you can’t even pronounce – grandmothers say that’s often a bad sign. Garden farming, however, might just revolutionise how we make food, straight from the garden and onto your table.


Billions – That’s How Much Australians Can Save by Collecting Rain Water

A study once again proves how much rain collection systems can benefit the Australian society. A paper by Dr Peter Coombes of Urban Water Cycle Solutions shows that in South East Queensland alone, $3.5 billion can be saved through widespread adaptation of rainwater harvesting solutions.

Dr Coombes spoke to The Fifth Estate and explained the staggering numbers. He said that rainwater-harvesting bypasses complicated waterways and traditional water supply systems. By not relying on these expensive networks of treatment plants, collection sites and ducts, the Australian home can cut costs.


Treating It Right: Processing Collected Rainwater Before Use

Now the rain has cleared, and your rainwater collection systems are to the brim with the precious resource – what do you do next? If you are not just using it to water your garden plots or flush your toilet, you might need these extra steps to ensure the water is safe for use.


What Makes a Modern, Energy-saving Home?

There are many ways to incorporate energy efficiency and energy conservation into your household, to create an environmentally conscious home. Many recent technological advances can help you achieve a more efficient home. Here are some of them.


Make It Rain in Your Home (And Save More on Water Bills)

There are plenty of good reasons for homeowners (such as yourself) to consider a rainwater tank on your property. Since majority of Australia’s urban areas depend on metered water supplies, homeowners frequently complain about the rising costs of water.

Rather than endure expensive bills, it makes sense to invest in a rainwater tank, instead.

Apart from adding value to your home, domestic water tanks also transform your home into an environment-friendly and sustainable haven. Here are three things you can do with the rainwater which these tanks collect and store:

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