The Importance of Sterilising Your Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting is a cost-effective method to obtain additional water for your home. Storing harvested rainwater during the wet season can help save on your utility bills during the drier months and reduce our impact on natural resources.

You can use rainwater for practically any purpose; gardening, laundry, even for drinking. If you choose to drink rainwater, then we recommend treating your water supply first. Filtration and sterilisation is the best way to make rainwater safe to drink.

What is in Your Rainwater?

Generally, rainwater is very clean compared with ground water, containing less contaminants such as calcium and other substances that leach into the soil. Rainwater, however, is not entirely free of contaminants.

Rainwater quality depends on a number of factors. Dust, pollen and pollution can become suspended particles in the rainwater, making it less safe to drink.

When storing rainwater in a tank, it is possible for microbes to flourish, including coliform bacteria, which are frequently found in streams and ponds. Coliform bacteria are cause for a number of gastric health issues.

Sterilising Your Water

Rainfill Tanks recommends that you filter and sterilise your entire water supply before using it in your household. We have a range of accessories that can improve the quality of your collected rainwater, making it safe to drink.

Our water filters can remove suspended particles, while our UV treatment systems can completely sterilise the water, eliminating bacteria and other microbes. One of the advantages of using a UV system is that it requires no chemicals and does not affect the taste of the water.

We recommend you sterilise your water supply to protect your health. For more information on our filtration and sterilisation systems, contact us today.

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