The Home Farmer: Landscaping Your Organic Garden

As delicious and as convenient as they may be, people are starting to realise how bad processed food is for the body. That long list you see at the back of the packaging has all sorts of ingredients and chemicals you can’t even pronounce – grandmothers say that’s often a bad sign. Garden farming, however, might just revolutionise how we make food, straight from the garden and onto your table.


Not all gardens are illegible for home farming. What homeowners should do is to get their soil tested and have it conditioned by a professional. Soil with a load of humus – an organic matter – grows healthy and plush greens.

Raised beds are also suitable for vegetable gardens. They elevate the growth and separate crops from each other. Plants are delicate and need an appropriate amount of spacing to suppress weed growth. They also allow you to use richer soil.


When you’re landscaping your farm garden, it’s important to consider the ease with which you will maintain your plants. Have a water hose nearby that will supply your crops with freshwater. Garden misters and mild sprinklers are also good water sources for light watering needs in the late afternoon.

Gardening experts say that the morning is the ideal time for you to water your crops. Make sure to root your plants deeper into the soil for less root damage and better absorption.


If you’re working on your organic garden, it might be a good idea to keep it sustainable too. Sustainability isn’t a new concept in Australia. Directives from education ministers require schools to teach basic sustainability lessons to children.

Composting may be a fun way to include your kids in your home farming project. After adding leaves and garden trimmings to the designated compost bin, have your child throw in their biodegradable food waste onto the heap after each meal. A compost pile helps feed your greens, conserve water and, most importantly, turn food waste into something useful.

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