High-Quality Perth Water Filters Keep Your Body Hydrated and Healthy

The human body needs to stay hydrated since around 60 to 70 per cent of it is composed of water. Add to that the fact that temperatures in Perth can go well over 40 degrees centigrade, and you can easily understand why you need to constantly replenish water lost due to sweat and other normal bodily functions.

Whilst you certainly need to drink water throughout the day, scientists say you do not necessarily have to meet the widely touted daily requirement of eight glasses. Although nutritionists don’t have a one-size-fits-all figure for fluid intake at this point, the eight-glasses-a-day myth has since been debunked.

All the same, most of the world still holds on to this notion. Australians, for instance, are heavy water drinkers, which goes without saying given the country’s warm climate. A 1995 survey published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health found that Aussies drink a little over three litres a day. By comparison, eight glasses is equivalent to roughly two litres.

As long as your daily water intake satisfies your body’s thirst, though, scientists say you’re good. Meanwhile, one thing remains clear: you need access to clean water to protect your health.

Filtration and UV Rays for Clean Drinking Water

If you wish to tap non-conventional sources like last night’s rainfall, for instance, you’ll need to put quality control measures in place. To stay hydrated and save water at the same time, be sure to get high quality water filters in Perth for your rainwater tank.

When it comes to potable drinking water, mechanical filters such as inline and first-flush systems often won’t suffice. The runoff must be purged of disease-causing bacteria using appropriate filtration and disinfection measures. One such system is ultraviolet (UV) treatment. This form of water treatment kills bacteria via UV rays similar to what the sun emits. Compared with other germicidal or antibacterial treatments, UV-treated water is safer because no chemicals are utilised.

Although widely used by restaurants and food manufacturers, UV treatment systems are also excellent for household use. Companies like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, for instance, can provide what you need as far as water filtration for Perth rainwater tanks is concerned.


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