Green Roofs and Rain Water Tanks: Creative Ideas for a Greener Garden

In a world where the effects of climate change are increasingly felt, the need for environmentally responsible and sustainable practices cannot be overstated. To this end, a few municipalities in Perth, WA impose restrictions on non-essential water use (such as the use of sprinklers to maintain lawns) and strictly enforce conservation measures whenever local reservoirs fall below optimal levels. Homeowners are also proactively adopting greener gardening practices.

Greener Garden

Sustainable gardening offers plenty of benefits. For instance, the use of biodegraded compost or green manure sequesters carbon in the soil, helps restore depleted soil carbon, and at the same time helps alleviate climate change. Some homeowners opt for long-term solutions that touch upon the issue of water conservation. Take green roofing and rainwater harvesting, for instance.

Sustainability on Top

Properties in urban areas are getting smaller, and outdoor living space often gets sacrificed whenever designs are drawn up. These factors explain why green roofs make a lot of sense these days. Maintaining a green roof, in particular, allows you to maximise your property by making the roof even more functional.

A garden on your roof not only adds an aesthetic boost but also helps conserve energy by insulating your home. In addition, a green roof reduces stormwater runoff and improves its quality. Green roofing also improves solar energy production from photovoltaic panels. The more resilient and diverse your plant selection, the more sustainable and beneficial your green roof becomes.

Collecting Rainwater

Another way to improve your garden’s environmental impact is by using rain water tanks. Such a tank installed in your backyard or beneath the eaves of your house allows you to store runoff from your roof, be it green or otherwise, and harvest the water you’ve collected for various household chores, including gardening. You can store gallons upon gallons of water, render it beneficial for your plants through filtration, and use it liberally to water your flora or clean your gardening equipment.

Reputable manufacturers of rainwater tanks in Perth, such as Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, can equip you with reservoir systems for collecting rainwater, purifying it, and connecting the alternative or additional water supply to your irrigation scheme, natural swimming pool, or pond. High-quality slimline corrugated iron tanks, in particular, can last you decades.


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