Did You Know that Raised Planters Make Weed Control Easier?

We all know the various benefits of keeping raised planters—it leads to healthier plants, better drainage and better soil quality. Nevertheless, did you know that it is also easier to control weeds when you use a raised planter?

Our raised garden beds are perfect for keeping those annoying weeds in check, and here is why:

You Can Use Soil Free of Weed Seeds

You can fill your planters with just about any kind of soil that will best accommodate your plants. When choosing soil and mulch, pick something that is free of weed seeds. They are usually present in soil taken from the garden, and they will compete with your plants for space before you even start working.

If you buy your soil from a reputable source, the soil is less likely to contain the seeds of unwanted plant species.

A Raised Platform Prevents Weeds from Spreading

Raised planters provide your garden plants with a raised platform that is separate from the rest of the soil. Think of your planter like a little island – it will be especially difficult for weeds to reach the soil of your planter, as their roots cannot penetrate the material. This keeps the garden plants in your raised planter separate from the rest of your garden.

Healthier Plants Crowd Out the Weeds

Plants growing in raised garden beds are healthier because the looser soil makes it easier for them to spread their roots. The soil quality and the drainage are also better, giving them a chance to maximise their growth. They get better nutrition from the soil and grow in tighter, more crowded arrangements. This crowding is what suffocates the weeds, preventing them from taking hold.

Raised garden beds are perfect for growing vegetables and flowers of all kinds. It also makes maintenance easier, as they make it difficult for the weeds to grow and you do not have to get down on your hands and knees to tend to your plants.

For more information on our raised garden beds, contact us today or browse through our site.

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