Choosing Water Tanks in Perth and Other Gardening Tips This Autumn

Generally, gardening practices need to be adjusted based on the season, especially if you’re caring for edible plants. What fruits and vegetables to plant, what to remove, and how to tend to the garden—these decisions can all vary depending on the wetness or the dryness of the weather, and the temperature range that dominates the season. Aside from ensuring that your plants are safe and healthy for the next few months, you also have to prepare for the following season.

Since autumn is in full swing, you should have started modifying how you take care of your plants. If you have a vegetable patch, the summer vegies in your garden beds should have been replaced by now with cool-season plants like broccoli, spinach, and onions. If you have citrus trees, make sure you give them a light pruning. As always, the soil should be fertilised and hoed regularly for the plants to get the nourishment they need.

Watering Your Plants

Naturally, you have to water your garden more generously during hot, dry days to sustain the plants. You might want to create zones based on your plants’ watering needs. Group thirsty plants and the tough plants separately, so you can be more generous in watering one zone over the other. A watering or irrigation system can also be installed, especially if you have a big space with lots of plants that need frequent watering.

Installing a Rainwater Tank

Having rain-collecting water tanks in Perth installed would also be a wise idea, especially if you want to conserve the tap water supply to your home. Slimline water tanks made of corrugated iron are a smart investment and more versatile having a lesser impact on the environment than other types. Corrugated iron water tanks can hold lots of water, fit in tight spaces, be easily hidden in a cramped shed, and look pretty neat (with their contemporary design and various colours) in your garden.

Autumn, commonly a wet season in Australia, is the perfect time to have rainwater tanks installed. The Bureau of Meteorology expects a wetter-than-average autumn this year from April to June. Therefore, it’s only practical that you make the most of Perth’s autumn showers. A high-quality Perth water tank, like what Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies offer, can help you take advantage of these weather conditions and collect thousands of litres of rainwater for your garden.

(Source: Quick tips to maintain your autumn veggie patch, Better Homes and Gardens, March 19, 2015)

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