Water Tanks

The Many Ways a Water Tank Makes Your Home the Best

There are other benefits to having a water tank than the obvious use of it supplying water to your home. As we know, water is a necessary resource and is essential to human existence. Since a water tank serves as a way to store water, with capacities ranging from as little as 500 to as much as 22,000 litres, it is an invaluable part of any home. How so? In extended periods of drought and scarcity, a water tank provides comfort, security and can even be vital to survival.


The Importance of Sterilising Your Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting is a cost-effective method to obtain additional water for your home. Storing harvested rainwater during the wet season can help save on your utility bills during the drier months and reduce our impact on natural resources.

You can use rainwater for practically any purpose; gardening, laundry, even for drinking. If you choose to drink rainwater, then we recommend treating your water supply first. Filtration and sterilisation is the best way to make rainwater safe to drink.


Everyday Domestic Benefits of Using Water Tanks to Collect Rainwater

“Waste not, want not” is always a good rule to live by, and this is why it is essential to make the most out of resources that you may otherwise take for granted. A key example is rainwater.


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