Rainwater Tanks

Now is the Best Time to Purchase a Rainwater Tank

Winters are generally dry in Australia, but this year, it’s going to be a lot drier than the average specially in the southern part of Western Australia. Buying a rainwater tank now would be a great investment, with spring and then summer around the corner it’s a great way to capture what rain we get now for later use. (more…)

Catching Water: Rainwater Usage Guide

Apart from simply knowing that rainwater tanks store water for future use, there are other vital facts you need to know. Every rainwater tank is different, and so are the water safety drinking levels and disinfection protocols.

To help you correctly identify which is which, we’ve compiled some resource information.


You’ve Collected Rainwater – Now What Should You Do With It?

Water is a scarce resource in many parts of the world. As one of the driest countries, Australia has a number of water conservation and collection initiatives. Rainwater harvesting is becoming increasingly widespread in the country, and for a good reason: it’s a natural way to save water and utilise it.


The Important Role of Rainwater Tanks for a Healthy Garden

Avid gardeners benefit from installing either a rain barrel (that usually have a volume of 240 litres) or a 500 litre rainwater tank. How big of a tank you install on your property depends on the amount of rainfall you receive and how often you water your garden. With the exception of areas such as those near Northcliffe, here in Western Australia we experience a climate that’s fairly arid, and so it’s best to have large rainwater tanks installed – or even multiple rainwater tanks – on a property.


Rainwater Tanks for Mains Water Consumption Reduction

Having a rainwater collection system comes with many benefits; aside from saving money, you will be helping the environment, reducing the demand on groundwater, and decreasing the risk of flooding, not to mention that rainwater systems are fairly easy to maintain. The benefits of having a water collection system fitted far outweigh any disadvantages.


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