Catching Water: Rainwater Usage Guide

Apart from simply knowing that rainwater tanks store water for future use, there are other vital facts you need to know. Every rainwater tank is different, and so are the water safety drinking levels and disinfection protocols.

To help you correctly identify which is which, we’ve compiled some resource information.

The Economy of Catching Water

In Australia, water is the most valuable commodity due to the lack of interconnected and accessible sources. On top of the infrastructural limitations, the excessive heat experienced in the continent makes the feeling of thirst and deprivation stronger. While water rations are at normal levels in cities, outback settlements and far off towns almost always have a shortage. That’s why rainwater tanks play an important role in providing a renewable supply of natural and safe water for everyday use.

Differences in Water Quality

The measure of quality is the ratio of chemicals and pollutants to the actual volume of the collected water. Highly populated and dense areas like the metropolitan area typically have a greater concentration of air impurities, which limits the use of the gathered water. But, for independent towns, the growth of microorganisms in the tank is naturally lower, making water potable enough for drinking and cooking.

On Disinfecting to Extend Applicability

Routine disinfection of water should be performed before any direct consumption. This ensures that the children and elderly with weak immune systems will not contract illnesses. Disinfection protocols involve:

  • Boiling
  • Chlorination
  • Filtering

When it comes to selecting rainwater tanks, it’s not enough that it can just collect and store water. Our rainwater tanks come with filtration devices that sift impurities so you have multi-purpose and safe-to-drink water anytime you need it.

For more information about our water tanks, check our website and contact us today.

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