Boiling Water For Purification?

Here at Rainfill Tanks, we advocate the wise use of rainwater for household purposes. Our steel water tanks are engineered to serve as safe water storage options. If you have collected rainwater, you may want to use it to augment your supply of drinking water. Much has been said about boiling water to purify it, but does this technique really work?

It is important to know if the rainwater is safe to drink. Simply put, most rainwater is safe to drink. Keep in mind that much of the world’s population relies on rainwater for their potable supplies.

Boiling water is one way to purify it, although it may not always be sufficient. Both the length of time it takes to heat the water and the temperature it is heated to affect the resulting purity of the water. A single, rolling boil lasting only for a minute, for example, may not kill all harmful bacteria. It may still leave organisms like cryptosporidium, giardia, and even some viruses. Surprisingly, water need not be heated to boiling point to kill pathogens. For example, heating water to 70 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes can kill virtually all pathogens. Raising the temperature to 85 degrees Celsius, on the other hand can kill pathogens in only a few minutes. However it is purified, experts advise that for maximum safety, boiled water must be allowed to cool, be put in a clean container and stored in the fridge.

Boiling is only recommended for biologically contaminated water since non-living contaminants, such as silts, sediments and chemicals (i.e., herbicides, pesticides, and even heavy metals) are not destroyed by boiling.

It is clear, therefore, that although boiling or heating water can make it safer, its effectiveness as a purification method is limited. For a truly thorough purification process, it is recommended that you use a dedicated filtration system. Rainwater might be the cleanest water source on Earth (in relative terms), but it has already picked up contaminants in the air as it fell down to the ground.

We care about you and your family’s safety. All our products at Rainfill Tanks are designed with your safety in mind. Give us a call today.

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