Billions – That’s How Much Australians Can Save by Collecting Rain Water

A study once again proves how much rain collection systems can benefit the Australian society. A paper by Dr Peter Coombes of Urban Water Cycle Solutions shows that in South East Queensland alone, $3.5 billion can be saved through widespread adaptation of rainwater harvesting solutions.

Dr Coombes spoke to The Fifth Estate and explained the staggering numbers. He said that rainwater-harvesting bypasses complicated waterways and traditional water supply systems. By not relying on these expensive networks of treatment plants, collection sites and ducts, the Australian home can cut costs.

Savings for the Communities

Installing a rainwater harvesting system in your home is not just a mere cost-cutting method. It is also about helping the community. The water bill you get is not just about the water you use; it also involves the cost of getting that water to you. The pipes, the pumps and their upkeep are all money guzzling. With rainwater harvesting, you rely on nature’s natural processes to deliver the water to you.

An Option Available Now

Rainwater harvesting, fortunately, is available to Australian households now. Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies provides a wide-reaching inventory for implementing at-home rain collection systems. With our help, you can reduce your reliance on the grid by up to 40%.

Our experts give you important advice on what tanks to use, what size to install for your home and other available options for your needs. We also have accessories such as water filters, UV treatment systems and other accessories that could be necessary for the intended use of the water you collect.

For more information, contact us now! You won’t just be paying less for your monthly water bill, you’ll also help ease the load on your area’s water distribution system.

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