The Best Plants to Grow in Raised Garden Beds

Growing your own food is a sustainable way to a healthier lifestyle. For city dwellers, gardening on rooftops or in backyards is a fulfilling way of getting involved with nature.

You can use planters to grow your own vegetables. You can also use planters to create raised garden beds. If you want to grow your own food but don’t know where to start, consider the following plants.

Spring onions

Spring onions are pretty easy to grow. You can grow them from the bunch you’ve bought from the market. Simply keep the stalk with roots and plant them in your raised garden bed. Under the beautiful spring weather, you can enjoy fresh spring onions in just six weeks.


Zucchinis are also a great choice for spring. Make sure they get enough water and sunlight, and you’ll be enjoying a surplus of zucchinis within two months. They are a bit greedy with space, though, so give each plant at least 50cms of space.


Silverbeets are a great choice during autumn and can last up to six months. With just one or two plants you can have plenty of leaves to munch on. Just wait for two months, and you can make salads, frittatas and soups rich in Vitamin A.


Rehydrate in the summer with a lovely cucumber. Give them garden netting or a wooden frame inside their planter, and you can grow them vertically. When they reach maturity a little after four weeks, you can enjoy crisp, juicy cucumbers for at least three months.

Cultivating these plants may seem intimidating to beginners, but you can successfully grow them with the help of planters. Rainfill Tanks provides durable planters for those who want to create raised garden beds in Perth. We provide custom planters to give you the perfect shape and dimension you need. Call us today for stylish made-to-measure planters. 

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The Best Plants to Grow in Raised Garden Beds

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