Benefits of Using Water Tanks in Perth Instead of Recycling Grey Water

With a bit of creativity, you can reduce your water consumption and household expenses. For starters, you may want to take quick showers, do the laundry less frequently, and cut back on watering the garden. You should also make sure all taps are shut off when not in use, have the plumbing system maintained accordingly, and consider replacing your fixtures with water-efficient ones, especially when you detect leaks with regularity.

Recycling Grey Water

Additionally, you can reuse some of the water you’ve already used. This grey water can be collected and recycled for non-drinking activities in the house. An even better option is to harvest rainwater, a valuable resource that can supplement your mains supply and help you save on your monthly water bill.

You’ll need a suitable storage tank to collect rainwater. Here are the benefits of using water tanks in Perth, where water is in increasingly limited supply.

Less Treatment Needed

Rainwater has fewer impurities, is less turbid and is generally cleaner than conventional grey water (such as dishwater or water from the laundry), which means it will require less filtration. The water can then be made safe for tending to delicate flowers and clear enough for washing clothes or cleaning cars.

More Water Can Be Stored

You can have as many storage tanks as your backyard space and budget permit, so you can collect litre after litre of rainwater and save it all for a rainy day. Slimline rainwater tanks, for example, can fit into cramped or awkward spaces and store gallons of rainwater.

Supplemental Potable Water Supply

You can also install sophisticated treatment systems to effectively filter and sanitise rainwater, thereby rendering it safe for drinking, washing your kitchen implements and utensils and cooking. Consequently, you do not have to spend as much on commercial supplies or bottled beverages and be able to control the taste and nutrient content of your drinking water.

Invest in a durable Perth water tank made of corrugated iron that keeps it shape for years. For the proper selection and installation of a tank that suits your requirements and available space, count on a manufacturer like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies that complies with Australian standards and provides high-quality products.


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