Be Kind to the Environment by Investing in a Water Harvesting System

With Perth experiencing 674.4 millilitres of rainfall in 2014, there’s great scope for homeowners and businesses to take a greener approach to everyday living. Through the use of a rainwater tank, it’s possible to maintain a garden, wash clothes and do the dishes, while making a positive contribution to the environment.

Be Kind to the Environment by Investing in a Water Harvesting System

How homeowners in Western Australia can benefit from a rain tank

When water levels in Australia’s dams are low and restrictions are in place, prolonged use can damage water bays, the economy and the environment. Fortunately, homeowners can reduce their use through the installation of a rainwater tank.

Using the rainwater collected, homeowners can water their gardens during periods of drought, reduce their water bills, flush their toilets, wash their clothes and reduce the risk of contaminants in the waterways. For those who are interested in tank installation, but are worried about the aesthetics of their property, tanks that integrate seamlessly into the home are available.

How businesses in Western Australia can use their rain tanks

It isn’t just homeowners who can engage in green living, business owners can too. With tanks ranging between 500 and 22,000 litres, there’s plenty of scope for organisations to make full use of one or multiples. Much like homeowners, businesses can maintain the greenery around their property using rain water. In addition, they can alleviate the burden of employees and clients constantly using their toilets. This ensures the business benefits from reduced water costs, and they can maintain their presence as a sustainable organisation in their local communities.

With the use of water filters in Perth, tank users can expand their water usage. For example, installing the appropriate water filters such as a system, which incorporates UV treatment to remove bacteria and other contaminants, will enable potable water. When it comes to assessing the water filtration system required, seeking the advice of a professional is advisable.

Whether you opt for a slimline tank to suit your modern premises or a round tank to suit a larger rural property, your installation will help the environment. Make sure to invest in high-quality water filters and tanks, such as those offered by Perth companies like Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, to ensure that your home or business can greatly benefit from collecting rainwater.


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