Boiling Water For Purification?

Here at Rainfill Tanks, we advocate the wise use of rainwater for household purposes. Our steel water tanks are engineered to serve as safe water storage options. If you have collected rainwater, you may want to use it to augment your supply of drinking water. Much has been said about boiling water to purify it, but does this technique really work?

It is important to know if the rainwater is safe to drink. Simply put, most rainwater is safe to drink. Keep in mind that much of the world’s population relies on rainwater for their potable supplies.


Why Raised Garden Beds are Better for Flowers and Vegetables

Raised planters and garden beds provide the ideal conditions for growing plants, particularly for more delicate plants such as, flowers and vegetables.

Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies offers a wide range of raised vegetable garden bed kits suitable for most homes. We recommend custom, made-to-measure planters for vegetables and flowers.  Choosing the right planter box, especially the depth and material of the planter box, will affect how your plant will thrive and grow.


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