WA Business Tips: Reduce Water Consumption Costs with Rainwater Tanks

“A penny saved is a penny earned”—the same principle is true for businesses. If you think about it, reducing your daily utility expenses can be just as good as increasing your revenue. One area where you can gain significant savings from is water use. For small-scale hospitality businesses in Perth such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and resorts, rainwater harvesting is a practical and eco-friendly way to protect one’s income stream from rising water costs. (more…)

Can You Drink Harvested Rainwater? With Quality Water Filters, You Can

Collected rainwater can be used for a wide variety of uses, but can it be made safe for drinking? The answer is yes. How? By filtering and purifying it with the best technology available in Perth. (more…)

Four Essential Tips to Build Up the Soil in Your Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to grow a wide range of plants. In Perth, these structures are especially popular for growing fruits and vegetables. That said, expert gardeners agree that building up the soil is the single most important thing you can do to achieve a fruitful yield. Lush, organically rich soil promotes healthy and extensive roots with better ability to access nutrients and water. The result: abundant and flourishing above-ground growth. Take note of these simple steps for ensuring healthier soil in your raised garden bed. (more…)

Quality Water Tanks Turn Beautiful Gardens into Sustainable Spaces

Gardens traditionally have a decorative function. You fill your yard with colourful flowers, accentuate them with ornamental grasses and place other embellishments like statues or bird baths. If your garden only serves aesthetic purposes, though, why not make it more useful? (more…)

Water Tanks and Other Features for an Earth-Friendly Home Makeover

Considering the rising costs of utilities and the burden placed on the environment by the growing population, products and projects that are eco-friendly understandably hold much practical appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Savvy Perth homeowners who want to make their abodes more “green” can benefit from water tanks, native gardens and other Earth-friendly makeover ideas. (more…)

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