Rain Water Tanks in Perth: An Alternative Water Source for Houses

In a dry land such as Australia, droughts are expected every year, so people have to be more creative when it comes to looking for alternative water sources, and the most notable of which is rainwater harvesting. Since the colonial times, Australians have been collecting rainwater for home use, and now even modern homes have rain water tanks in Perth, which homeowners use to flush toilets, fill washing machines, and even water their garden. (more…)

WA Water Tanks: Making the Most Out Of a Single Drop of Rainwater

Climate change, one of today’s most pressing issues, concerns everyone. In Western Australia, where scorching summers are not unheard of, experts warn that temperatures could get even hotter as a result of climate change. Some experts also predict that by 2030, temperatures will have risen by a degree compared to the past few decades—an increase that will largely depend on the rate of greenhouse gas emissions. (more…)

A Little Fall of Rain: Perth Rainwater Tanks Help save More than Water

Perth rainwater tanks are a simple way for a household to have backup water. This is an important concern in the Western Australian city considering it is Australia’s driest major city. The idea of saving the water that washes off your roof during the rainy season to do more than splashing off the side of your house makes sense considering the numbers: if your roof has a surface size of 1900 square feet—a respectable roof-size for a medium-size home—you can expect a yearly rainwater harvest of 12,000 to 14,000 gallons, depending on the amount of rainfall. That’s enough to a fill a 25-foot swimming pool. You can do a lot with that amount of water, like water your lawn or clean your dishes, and the great thing about it is that, with a minimal investment, this water is essentially free. (more…)

Install Rainwater Tanks in WA homes and Other Water Conservation Tips

Living in Perth is a great experience for many people, however there are drawbacks. One of these is the increasing lack of water. This can be surprising considering its proximity to the Indian ocean, but the capital of Western Australia is thirsty for a lot of fresh water. The combination of the dry climate and the low rain fall—Perth only receives an average 656 mm a year—can make water a scarce resource. Thankfully, there are several water conservation tips, like installing WA rainwater tanks, to help ease the burden of your household’s water demands. (more…)

Perth Water Filtration: Vital Info about Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater is a sustainable and high quality water source. Significant social, economic, and environmental benefits can be achieved by harnessing rainwater in your home or commercial establishment. By employing a rainwater harvesting system, you can significantly reduce your dependence on mains water. (more…)

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