Unleash Your Green-Fingered Garden Guru with the Easiest Greens to Grow

Who says you need a green thumb to grow a garden? You can’t go wrong with foolproof greens. Vegetables are ideal even if you’re known as a notorious plant murderer. However, it won’t beas easy as scattering seeds all over your garden beds and wishing they will grow on their own. Begin with the following vegetables and give them your TLC.


Tomatoes are the most famous vegetable you can grow no matter what size your garden is. You can even plant them in hanging baskets or any container that can support their stalks and has access to enough sunlight. Plant basil next to tomatoes to increase flavour and fend off pests at the same time.

Lettuce and Other Salad Greens

Lettuce is easy to harvest. You only need to pick leaves or cut off the tops. It takes minimal space in the garden, and it grows fast. Nurture them in containers with flowers or beneath taller plants.


Cucumbers grow vertically, which is why they need something that can support their climbing. They will also need warm temperature and sunlight, as well as daily watering. Another advantage is they grow like weeds, so you will have enough to share with your neighbours.


Radishes only take 20 days to fully grow, and their seeds are big enough to sow. However, your container and garden bed must be six inches deep. You can position them under direct sunlight or partial shade, as long as you water them before the soil dries out.

There are so many vegetables to choose from if you want to make a hobby out of gardening. You may also plant zucchini, carrots and green beans. Not only will you gain a new pastime, but you will also gain a healthy lifestyle.

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