Keep Mosquitoes Out of Domestic Water Tanks to Maintain Water Quality

Mosquitoes can breed in any kind of standing water in your home. Larvae or wigglers are the last thing you would want to find in your water tank whenever you want a refreshing drink or clean water for cooking. These insects, tiny as they are, bear illnesses ranging from dengue to the dreaded malaria.

Even if you are not consuming the water from your tank, you’ll still need to keep these mosquitoes and other insects out to maintain water quality at ideal levels. Here are a few easy steps to keep water tanks in Perth and elsewhere in WA mosquito free.

Start with Construction

A sure-fire way to keep out pesky insects is to make sure that the tank is constructed properly. For this reason, select a vessel that is made only of the sturdiest materials like Australian-made BlueScope steel. The tank should also have adequate support so that it can withstand different weather conditions. The base should be placed directly on sand, paved, or concrete pads; steel frames and timber decked stands should also be added for extra support.

Add Safety Precautions

Even with a sturdily-made tank, though, you can never be too careful. You should also place safety accessories like lids, covers, and mosquito-proof mesh screens where necessary. According to the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia, areas such as openings, outlets, and overflows should be equipped with mosquito screens that have a 1mm aperture mesh.

Upon installation, sections such as lids, inlet downpipes, and covers must be fitted tightly to deny insects entry into a perfectly clean source of water. If you have a fairly old rainwater tank, you should consider upgrading to a newer one that offers better and updated safety features. Trusted manufacturers such as Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies offer quality corrugated water tanks at Perth prices that won’t hurt your wallet.

Maintain It Regularly

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your tank healthy. Have professional rainwater tank contractors perform maintenance procedures and check for wear, damage, and water quality at regular intervals. If such problems exist, these specialists can provide you with effective solutions so you can continue enjoying clean water throughout your home.


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