The Beauty of Rooftop Gardening

We never run out of green ideas here at Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, and we are excited to share another one with you. Enrich your lifestyle by adding a home feature you may not have considered, a rooftop garden.

Have our planters installed on your rooftop and get the following benefits:

Get a bountiful garden with less work.

With a rooftop garden, your plants are protected from pets, vermin, and weeds. You will be weeding out plants less often, and you may no longer need pesticide. You can also effectively use rainwater as the planters help you store water.

As Rainfill planters allow you to control a plant’s growing environment, you will be able to grow delicate plants. Imagine all the flowers and vegetables you can grow on your rooftop! Your family can have a rooftop sanctuary or even a small but productive farm or herb garden.

Get free heating and cooling for winter and summer.

You can get savings on heating and cooling when you have a rooftop garden.

Concrete roofs heat up pretty fast. But when you put plants on your roof, your garden can prevent some of the sun’s rays from touching the concrete and heating up the surrounding area.

During winter, your rooftop garden absorbs heat (thermal energy), naturally insulating your rooftop. The heat your garden retains allows you to set your heater at a lower temperature.

Prolong your roof’s lifespan.

Yes, there are more architectural benefits to having a green roof. As the plants minimise the impact of the sun, snow and rain, the stress on your rooftop is lessened. The natural shrinking and swelling of the roof membrane caused by winter and summer can be decreased, preventing cracks and other damage.

Just by getting a rooftop garden you can lessen:

  • the produce you need to buy
  • garden water use
  • herbicide and pesticide use
  • heating and cooling energy use
  • rooftop repairs

Who knew going green had so many benefits? Get started on your new home investment (and your contribution to the environment) today. Connect with us, and we’ll help you have the greener life you want.

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The Beauty of Rooftop Gardening

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